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Star's Messy Soles - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends get their feet wet & messy

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Mean Girls
Featuring Candle Boxxx, Dixie Comet, Roxie Rae, Star Nine & Whitney Morgan

The popular girls are standing around the classroom, perplexed by a platter of cupckaes on the desk. It must be somebody's birthday, but they can't think of who it would be. They know everyones birthday - at least everyone who matters. Candle posits that it must be Anthony's birthday - ew, gross, Anthony is fat and smelly, noone would want to eat his cupcakes, they like, came from his house. Whitney comments that they aren't even fit for trampling. The girls love the idea of squashing Anthony's cupcakes under their feet. They take off their shoes and arrange the cupcakes all over the floor. They squash the little cupcakes, getting frosting and sprinkles all over their soles and between their toes. As they destroy the final cupcake, Anthony enters the room. The mean girls tell him he can eat the cupcakes off their feet, which he does, while they taunt him.

Includes messy feet, humiliation, foot domination, food crush, schoolgirls

9 minutes



Messy Treat
Featuring Hannah Perez

Hannah Perez toys with her messy treat, exploring the cool, slimy texture with her long toes. She lifts her long toes up to her mouth for a little taste. She mashes the mess between her feet and wiggles her caked toes in the air. Hannah enjoys the sensation, rubbing the mashed, slippery, cake on the tops of her feet before bringing them in for another taste. She is so turned on by the dirty, squishy mess all over her feet that she rubs her pussy, making herself cum.

Includes messy feet, solo masturbation

8 minutes



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